Dear Yuletide Author...

...thank you, thank you, thank you!
This year, thanks to Yuletide Authors of Awesomeness having filled my optional details to perfection in previous years, I'm not DYING for any special requests to be filled or-else-I'll-DIE kind of thing. I know optional details are always optional, but you and I and everyone on the planet knows that we kind of light up inside when someone DOES write to our kinks. This year, to me at least, they really ARE optional. If there's a bunny on your mind you've been dying to get out, please, go ahead! Give it free rein!

Since I said 'kinks', though, here's what everyone and their next of kin knows about me: I'm an h/c whore. I'm much more into the C than the H, though. The only reason I like writing/seeing someone hurt is if the partner is watching/listening/discovers the other person's broken body... *swallow* I think you get the idea. But if I don't have time to build a whole plot, I've been known to cut to the comforting while giving a hint of what came before.

My kinks, partial list. Comforting Partner discovering/recognizing how much Hurt Partner has suffered; H giving self over willingly for torture/beating up/suffering/rape/what-have-you so as to spare C; emotional hurt where one person is delirious/shattered/etc; physical hurt being accompanied by emotional pain; flashbacks to childhood abuse; mind-melding where worlds permit; comforting through loving touch; nursing back to health of the it's-not-a-chore-how-DARE-you-deprive-me-of-the-chance-to-do-this motivation; someone thinking they're useless, weak, etc., being assured they're anything but, and coming out of the conversation (re)assured of their own self-worth; tenderly scooping up, cradling, just... tender, nurturing, loving touch in general, really, and in caretaking. Reassurance. Never giving up on your partner. Happy endings, definitely: fic is my happyplace, and I've been known to go back to my tragedy-fics and write fixes just because, life is sad enough :-) Darkfic is fine, though, and hey, if you want to kill someone off, go wild!

Squicks: I am not squeamish about hurt/gory details at all, the only things that squick me are cold/flu fic (chronic bronchitis sufferer here), and permanent severe maiming/disfigurement such as irreversible brain damage, blindness, castration, and so on. (Scars, of course, don't count. Permanent limp etc. is TOTALLY OK TOO.) Miraculous Hollywood healing is a pet peeve of mine. Flesh and blood take time to heal, pain IS debilitating, etc. If it needs a hospital, it better get a hospital. You know--NOT Aeon Flux walking away from being on top of a shuttlecraft that crashed to earth. Prolonged H without C is not my cup of tea, though.

No problems with a holiday-themed fic if you get the yen. It's something I always ask my own recipient, so I thought I'd just put it out there. No problems with Hanukkah, Ramadan or the International Federation of Planets Thruster Victims Memorial Day, either :-)

Hmm, I've got myself psyched already. Specific fandoms, in alphabetical order:

I Spy
Since most of the kick-ass fic out there is slash, I'm usually contrary and request gen, but this year, I'm just... I think I got enough delicious genfic the past couple of years that I'm open to either. Surprise me?
Kelly and Scotty love each other, banter with each other, protect each other, comfort each other. Mmmmmm. Just... go wild. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for abused-child-flashback-Scotty, cf. "I come from a long line of losers" and "Abraham drew his knife to slay his son", and of course, Depression!Kelly, the gift that keeps on giving. They're always captured, always tied up, always hurt, and always comfort each other in canon. But 1960s TV couldn't show them squishing each other lest we think (horrors!) that they wanted to squish each other MORE. Or something. More than anything, I want to see them tender with each other, they way they were in 'Tatia'. Or, you know, fun. I love fun, too.
Casefic, PWP, h/c, gen, slash, long, short, it doesn't matter. I just love them, and I love you for loving them.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, and it's cool if you don't, is simple: get-Benji. I've a weakness for the little geek getting whumped, and there's a whole team to rescue him and love on him and comfort him.
Not your cuppa? Then again, go wild. The characters in that movie were so interesting with so much implicit backstory, that really anything you come up with I will await with bated breath. Casefic, romance, friendship, comedy, angst, tech... Anything goes. *chinhands*

I would love a WALL-E/M-O friendship fic. WALL-E/EVE got a lot of screen time, and that's as it should be, but something had to be cut, so I never got to see WALL-E/M-O develop. I thought there was a lot of potential in that, the odd couple of the neat freak and the garbage collector. Add to that the cute, and it's a match made in heaven. And if there's h/c, oh my!
I can't resist a hurt WALL-E, and I can even less resist a hurt M-O. The challenge is how to whump robots. I've always thought, 'What if WALL-E was more damaged than we thought at the end of the movie?' Or, 'What if M-O got in an accident?' I love the other characters, and it would always be nice to see some of them as well.
Or, what takes your fancy? Worldbuilding? Romance? McCrea finding his feet? (I'm a fattie, btw, so I like to write against the fat-bashing in the movie, meaning McCrea gets to be a hero without slimming down, and so do the other fatty humans.) Give me something, and I shall love it. I'm positive. Mmmmmm.

World's End
Just... yeah. It's all ultimately Pegg/Frost, but... sighhhhhhh. Mmmmmm.
*sobers* Uh. Yeah. There's a lot of slash out there already, so, here's me being contrary and requesting gen h/c. After the battle at the end of the movie, for preference, I'd really like for Gary to be carried home on his shield and Andy realizing how much Gary's changed. Nick always said he wants to do something where he carries Simon up a mountain, *fans self* Doesn't have to be a mountain, just... *swallow*
Sighhhh. Let me get my head together. Talking about them makes me incoherent. :-)
Look, just... World's End fic, what more can I say? It's all there: apocalypse, betrayal, addiction, character growth, love, pain. Go forth and fic. I. Um. *sighhhh*
(wonder if Gary gets away from those 'ugly bastards' in the bar and then they come looking for him, when he's found his way to the camp where Andy is, and they want revenge? See 'I'm a h/c whore' above)... No, but really, really, I um... This movie makes me weak in the knees, just because Pegg was so wonderful as the tortured addict who's not quite strong enough to grow up, and even his overwhelming adoration for his friends, and one friend in particular, wasn't enough to overcome his very human weakness. And then he has the strength to grow and become a defender of those weaker than him and he listens to what Andy says in the bar about water and... Sighhhhhh.

Wreck-It Ralph
Um... Anyone? Anything? Ralph and Vanellope shooting the breeze, long after the movie? Get-Ralph, I have a weakness for that, and the other characters lovin' on him? Fix-It romance? Go wild. I loved the movie, loved the characters, and whether you want to go light or dark, anything in this world will fill me with endless delight.

browsing personal ads and...

...found found one by a man who said "I will always be the man in the relationship. No confusion there." I clicked Back so fast the computer nearly exploded., I already knew I was bi, but does this make me what phenomenal comic artist Leanne Franson calls 'queer straight'?
...given that I like men in skirts and heels, the answer is probably Yes.

Nice Links!
I must have been living under a rock for a WHILE, because Joss Whedon AND Much Ado About Nothing????? I found it by sheer accident when I was looking for a reference for my research paper (coming soon to a committee near you!) And then this little cartoony thing, which I liked. So, here.
I clicked there from THIS, which I liked. I've known pretty much every one of these, except the last one, where I just didn't CARE. I think we need to rate how we score.
Bathing Suits We Have Known
And finally, though I DETEST 'You've Got Mail', someone mailed me the a cappella Orchestra Song. Can you say 'earworm'?
The Orchestra Song
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